Secrets of the law of attraction and how it works

Understanding the law of attraction

The law of attraction is the simple belief that you can attract anything that you want or desire to your life. You just need to focus on your positive thoughts to bring positive experiences. But there are many people who have misunderstood and misinterpreted this law. They think that by just wishing something, or by self-affirmation, they will get what they desire. However, this is not true.

Nowadays, you can find so many self-help books on the law of attraction. The shelves in the bookstores are loaden with such books. You must not forget that self-help is a multi-billion dollar industry. But after reading these books, you have the feeling that they do not provide a clear explanation of the law of attraction.

In 2006, the DVD Secret® was released, along with its corresponding book. It was an overnight success. From a marketing point of view, it was a bona fide self-help phenomenon.

It tries to sell the idea that the universe will work on your thought vibrations and give you whatever you desire.

Let’s say, for example, you want to lose weight. Basically, all you have to do is to sit at home and visualize yourself as slim and fit. In order to get the desired results, you need to visualize hard enough.

Similarly, if you want to get good grades, you just need to visualize it. Et voila, you will pass your exams with flying colours.

Honestly, this is crap. It does not work like that. In order to achieve success, a positive mental attitude is necessary. You definitely need a positive mental attitude, but that’s just the beginning of the journey to achieving success.

However, there are also many other factors involved, namely: right skills, abilities, proper actions, perseverance, and so on. 

So, you don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.

And who are you?

You are the thoughts, feelings, attitude, resulting from your belief system.

Can you afford to have a wrong belief system? How do you make out whether your belief system is right or wrong?

Are tension and stress natural?

Let’s say, for example, tension and stress are natural. It is a belief system. If you take this belief system, then as you would be working throughout the day your mind will constantly tell you that tension does happen. It is bound to happen and worry is natural. Ultimately, you keep getting tensed and it reflects your attitude. It also comes out into action and your personality starts to become that way.

So what happens to your life, or destiny? You are full of tension and you attract all the illnesses that are related to tension. Nowadays there is a new mantra. We do not just believe that tension is natural, but it is good. Stress is the new driving force. Without it, we become very passive.

Peace and happiness are my goals

Everyone wants peace and happiness. Everyone wants to change his destiny. But today, they have only stress and worry in their destiny, and they want happiness. So, you now have to go a little backwards. You need to change your belief system and experiment with a new one. The previous belief was that tension is natural. But now you need to change it to “happiness, peace and bliss are natural”.

So, the law of attraction does not mean that if you strongly want something, you must just visualize it and you will get it. Wishing and visualizing are the starting points. You must go a little deeper than that. You have to become the person you deserve to become in order to get what you want. This can only be done by changing your belief systems. Then only you will attract what you are.

law of attraction

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thoughts. It is made up of our thoughts.

If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him, as the wheel follows the foot of the ox that draws the carriage.

If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.

~ Buddha ~

Now if you say, “I want to become this” or “I want to earn a certain amount of money”. This is what you want. But the truth is you are a person who inflicts self-doubt. You have a nature of doubting whether it will actually happen or not. Or you feel that other people are better than you are. So, this self-doubting attitude is a new belief system. This is who you are. These are your thoughts. Till you do not change these thoughts, you will remain the same old you, with your old belief system.

You must make some tweaks in your thoughts. You must focus on the target or goal. By doing so, you create very positive and powerful thoughts. For example, “I want to get it, I want to make it happen.” These thoughts become your wish to the universe.

Relationship with your child

Suppose you want a beautiful relationship with your child. This is what you want. But what are you? If you are a very controlling parent or very critical towards the child, you will never achieve a beautiful relationship. Your relationship will be tensed. You may want something beautiful but you will not get it. You will get only what you are.

Similarly, you will get a friendly relationship if you are friendly, accepting, non-judgmental and non-critical towards the child. You must appreciate him and not compare him with others. You must always motivate him and love him for who he is. This is how you will build a friendly relationship with your child.

Or maybe you want a good friendship with one of your colleagues at work. But you just keep doubting, ignoring, rejecting or criticizing him. This shows that you are not what you want.

be the change - the law of attractionJust wanting something is not sufficient. Even if you keep creating that thought several times a day as per the law of attraction or by visualizing it, or even by writing it on paper, you will not get it. You need to have the qualities needed to create a beautiful relationship.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi ~ 

You get what you are

Law of attraction does not mean that you get what you want. It actually means you get what you are, what you deserve. Our thoughts and words are what we are. These vibrate to the universe and we get them back.

What you want is a desire or a goal. This is actually what you want. But you will get only according to what you are. You are your belief systems.

There are thousands of books that have been written on the law of attraction. People are even buying expensive tickets to attend retreats and workshops pertaining to this law. But nearly most of such retreats get the idea wrong.

In the retreats they tell us that if we need a car, we need to visualize that we are already in the car, driving around. When we keep seeing the car, it will automatically happen. Many people did follow this mantra, but nothing materializes. The simple reason is that we have misinterpreted the law.

There are people who truly wanted a car. They visualized it and they got it. That’s not magic. It was the law of attraction in action. But it was a longer process than just wishing that the car will just appear in a flash in the garage.

The person had a genuine goal of getting that car. He did some wishing, visualizing, worked very hard, learned some investment skills, made some smart investments. This is the true magic. It was a genuine aim.

Your sanskars, or mental impressions

What you are is a soul carrying sanskars (mental impressions, cultures) and past karmic accounts. So what you are going to get will be according to your sanskars and karmic accounts.

There are many honest, hard-working people who are not getting any success in life. While there are others who are dishonest, who always use evil tactics, but still everything is going fine in their life. Both applied the law of attraction in their lives. But why the former is poor while the latter is very rich?

This is all a game of sanskars and past karmic accounts. Your destiny is created according to your qualities and skills of your present and past karmic accounts.

So you must be very careful about what you think, speak and do. If you create jealousy, insecurity, anxiety, then you are creating a negative present. 

Your thoughts and words echo throughout the universe. Every thought you create, and every word that you say is a wish to the universe. So, would you still create thoughts that you created yesterday? Or would you still say the same things that you said yesterday?

Thus, make sure to only put out those thoughts and those words that you want back.

However, even if you are not getting the desired result, do not let any of the present qualities and karmas decline. Accept the past and keep yourself strong and motivated in the present. If the present remains powerful and positive, you will gradually settle the past, and create beautiful karmas which will influence your present and future.

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