Meditate and unlock your mind

Why I meditate, and why you must also?

Meditate, meditate and meditate.

Meditation is the only way that will allow us to explore our minds.

“Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

~ John Thornton ~

meditate to increase concentrationWe all have potential which is beyond even our wildest dreams. However, most of this potential remains untapped. Each of us has the capacity to experience different planes of consciousness. But unfortunately, most of us live in the lower planes. Thus, we do not experience the higher levels of existence, or even believing that they exist.

Many people are unhappy in the world, dissatisfied and yet not sure what they are lacking in their lives. The basic reason for this unhappiness is our attachment to the material plane of existence. Once we gain a glimpse of higher spheres of consciousness, then our unhappiness and discontent automatically fade away.

There is only one way through which we can experience different levels of consciousness. We must start to learn how to meditate. Only via meditation can we learn how to commune with our inner being. Also, this will unlock our imagination and allow us to tap the vast potential of our mind.

Most of us have heard of meditation, yet very few of us have actually experienced it. It arises only under conditions such as deep relaxation. Deep relaxation has nothing to do with sleep. For when a person is sleeping, subconscious worries, phobias, and fears of both the mind and the body, as well as a high state of conscious alertness torment him.

However, while a person is trying to meditate he is sitting in deep concentration, not worried about anything.

The art of concentration

So in order to truly benefit from meditation, we must first learn how to concentrate. Concentration implies the focusing of one’s consciousness towards one point, either external or internal, to the exclusion of all other subjects or thoughts. Concentration allows us to withdraw consciousness from the outside surroundings and directing it into the innermost realms of the mind.

Yoga comprises of many systems which tell us to place an object in front of us or to visualize an internal image, concentrate on it, and thus we will start to explore the subconscious depths of the mind. Although the method is correct and can bring wonderful experiences, it takes no consideration of the wandering tendency of our consciousness, which makes concentration impossible for most people.

If someone wants to achieve perfect concentration, then he must relax himself both mentally and physically. Perfect concentration occurs spontaneously in a very relaxed mind and body. If a person cannot relax, then real concentration is not possible.

Scientific method of meditation known as kriya yoga

Human beings need a system which progressively leads to deeper states of relaxation until concentration becomes the spontaneous activity of consciousness. Kriya yoga is such a scientific system.

During kriya yoga, during deep periods of concentration, we start to understand the deeper aspects of our being. So the fruits of concentration are substantial. Many people, whether they have experienced meditation or not, know that great things are in store for them if only they can concentrate deeply.

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