How to stop worrying and live a blissful life

Each one of us experiences some kinds of tensions in our respective lives. However, if you discover yourself worrying so much that you’re losing sleep and having a tough time focusing at work, then it is high time to take action. Worry, if left neglected, can frequently lead to stress and anxiety. So, you must learn how to get rid of this bad habit. You must train your mind to stop worrying unnecessarily.

Don't worry Be happy

The very first thing to remember is that simply as a seed cannot grow without soil and water to nourish it, your stress and anxiety can not grow without you feeding it. Stress and anxiety are caused by extreme worry or stress over a possible result. These are the ideas that are running uncontrolled through your head. The only method to manage your stress and anxiety is by controlling your thoughts.

Worry can be defined as a psycho-physical state of consciousness. When a person is worried, he is caught in feelings of helplessness and apprehension about some trouble. And unfortunately, he does not know how to get rid of such troubles. Examples include health issues of loved ones or financial issues such as a mortgage.

The following is a very thoughtful quote by Erma Bombeck.

Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.

Worry quote by Erma Bombeck

Why we are worried

When a person cannot find any immediate solution to his problems, worry cripples his mind. This, in turn, affects his body (and mind) negatively. It dissipates his energy by causing inflammation and drains the vitality of the person.

And what he gets in return? A headache, nervousness, heart trouble, hypertension.

Nowadays, during this stress-crazed times, we spend the majority of our spare time fretting over things that ought to be left at the office. We have forgotten how to laugh, love and share our joys with our loved ones. The challenges in our lives are just devouring us.

Unfortunately, the truth is, we are spending the very best years of our lives embedded in a state of consistent fear and worry. We worry about everything: about our jobs, our loved ones, the bills, the environment, the next election, and the list is endless. But yet we know very well, deep in our hearts, that most of the things we worry about never happen.

Here is a great saying by Mahatma Gandhi:

There is nothing that wastes the body like worry and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever.

Worry quote by Mahatma Gandhi

Once an Indian yogi said that the Sanskrit character for funeral pyre (chitta) is strikingly similar to the Sanskrit character for worry (chinta). Maybe the similarity between the two words is not a coincidence. The yogi later concluded that the funeral pyres is used to burn the dead body in the cemetery, while worry burns the living, making the person hollow from within.

Whether you will admit it or not, you are also trapped in the cage called worry.

However, nothing is gained by the worry-habit. If you are vigilant and keep the mind fully occupied, this worrying-habit will disappear.

The renowned Mayo brothers once stated that people with nervous troubles are occupying over 50% of the hospital beds. Yet, when the doctors examined the nerves of these people under high-powered microscopes, these nerves in most cases are apparently very healthy. Their “nervous troubles” are triggered not by a physical degeneration of the nerves, but by feelings of futility, frustration, anxiety, worry, fear, defeat, despair.

Once Plato rightly concluded that the greatest mistake physicians make is that they try to treat the body ignoring the mind. Yet, they must understand that the mind and body cannot and should not be treated separately.

Self Analysis

Since you do not clearly analyse yourself and your problems, you do not know how to control your feelings or the condition that confronts you. You must learn how to think positively.  Instead of wasting your time worrying unnecessarily, find out how you can remove the cause of the problem. If you want to get rid of a trouble, put everything on paper and analyse the pros and cons of the matter. This will make it more easy for you to determine the exact steps to be taken so as to find solutions to your problems.

Don't worry, Smile

Do not grieve over your present state, and do not worry. By persevering to refuse to worry, and with some effort, you will attain calmness of the mind. This will give you more clarification.

Worry has a negative impact on your mind and body. By fretting all the time, you put on a mental brake. This, in turn, causes you to struggle against the resistance, thus placing a strain on your heart and mind.

Worry can be compared to the brake on the wheels of your efforts. It does nothing but brings you to a dead halt.  If you think something is impossible, then it definitely is. In other words, worry convinces you that it is impossible to do what you want to do.

Worrying wastes time and energy. Use your mind instead to try to make some positive effort. It is even better to be a go-getting materialistic man and accomplish something than to be lazy. The lazy man is forsaken by both man and God. Many fortunes have been made by enterprising people, but don’t make money your criterion of success. Often it isn’t the money, but the creative ability exercised in earning it, that brings satisfaction.

It is foolish to try to flee from your worries, for wherever you go, your worries go with you. You must learn to face your problems fearlessly and with a clear conscience.

Don’t grieve for what you don’t have. The most materially successful man may have the greatest worries and unhappiness.

Worries are hard to eliminate. You kill off some and others seem to swarm in seemingly from nowhere. They almost bite the life out of you. Worry can be compared to the pests in the house. In order to kill the pests, you need ant poison. Likewise, you must use the chemical of peace to destroy the thoughts of worry. Whenever you get bombarded with worries, refuse to be bothered. Wait and retrospect calmly. Remove the imaginative worries by spraying your powerful peace chemical.

Note that this magic chemical (or peace chemical) cannot be found any drug store. You must create it by continuously practising concentration during meditation.

And how to create it? You need to compound the burning acids of habitual calmness and sorrow-killing pale happiness. And it can only be done in the special laboratory of self-discipline and constant trials.

Calmness and slight happiness can diminish worries. But if you want to completely eradicate them, then you need to endorse a constant culture of steadfast peace. You need to cultivate the habit of fostering powerful peace.

A simple mantra to free your mind from worry

If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it’s not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.

~ The Holy Dalai Lama ~

Worry Quote by Dalai Lama

Ask yourself the following questions:

So, whenever you are worried, just ask yourself the following simple questions:

1. Do you have a problem? No. Then why worry.

A perfect example is someone who is always worried about his life. He is always thinking about yesterday and tomorrow. For example, he is always thinking about something that went wrong yesterday. But that’s the past. So, why worry about that? Anyway, he will not be able to change the outcome.

One such example is someone who failed his exams. But if he will keep thinking about that, will he be able to change the results?

So shut out the past as yesterdays are dead. Let the dead past bury its dead. You will not be able to do anything about it. It’s the past. You cannot go back in time and change it. Just forget about it.

Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future.

~ Swami Sivananda ~

Worry quote by Swami Sivananda

Also, shut off the future, the unborn tomorrows. Today is the moment.

There is no tomorrow. The future is today. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

~ Mathew 6:34 ~

Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s mystery. But today is a gift, that’s why we call it present.

Now is the moment for your salvation. Live in the present.

Note that the best feasible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate all your energies, intelligence and enthusiasm on doing today’s job well. Thus, if God looks down, he should feel proud of you. That is the only possible way you can prepare for the future.

2. Do you have a problem? Yes. Can you do something about it? No. Then why worry.

Sometimes, the problems that we face are mainly due to external circumstances which are out of our control. For example, you were heading to the airport as you had to take your flight. But due to an accident on the highway, which caused a massive traffic, you missed your flight.

Note that this situation was totally out of your control. You are helpless and could have done nothing about it. So, why to worry?

If you are worried that you lost your money and you will need to buy a new ticket, be informed that you can claim the amount for the ticket for the missed flight.

3. Do you have a problem? Yes. Can you do something about it? Yes. Then why worry.

Most of the times, when you are in difficulty, you think that there is not any solution to the problem. But upon deep analysis, you find out that there is hope to deal with the problem.

For example, it’s the end of the month and you need to pay your rent. Unfortunately, you are short of money. You start panicking.

But wait, maybe you could call someone and ask for help? A relative or an old friend might be willing to help you. So, why to worry?

Experimental ways to cure worry

These suggestions on how to stop fretting come from experience. The good news is, I have actually discovered some methods that help me and others that have used them.

Make A Decision: A sure method to stop fretting too much about an unresolved concern is to decide. Even bad choices might frequently be better than not doing anything. You might immediately solve the tension when you finally choose to quit that job, buy that house, or make that telephone call. So just make the decisions, and if they prove to be bad choices, simply make brand-new ones.

Act: Action towards an objective tends to decrease worry. Doing nothing but thinking too much about a goal, specifically if you harp on the obstacles, will trigger your stress. You need to prepare well. But when your mind shift shifts towards worry, start doing something positive.

Confront Problems: Want to know how to stop stressing when there are real problems? Challenge them head-on. Start with small issues and work your method approximately bigger ones, constantly envisioning a positive result.

Psychological Categories: When there are a lot of things going on in your head, put them on paper. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences. If you’re believing too much about something, and you stop to set up a time to work on it, it is simpler to let go of it for now.

Practical and simple steps on how to tackle worry

Stop Worrying, Start Living

Step 1

If you want to get rid of worry, don’t stew about the future which is a mystery. Just accept today as God’s gift.

Ask yourself the following question: What is the worst that can possibly happen if I can’t find a solution to my problem? Will I be put in jail? Then prepare yourself to mentally accept the worst that can happen. Finally, try to calmly improve on the worst which you have already accepted mentally.

Remind yourself about the outrageous amount of money you can pay, in the long term, in terms of your health for worrying unnecessarily.

Step 2

Get the exact causes for your worry so that you will have enough knowledge on which to base your decision. Assess carefully all the facts before making any decision, after which, you must act without now worrying about the outcome.

Step 3

Detach your mind from worry by keeping it busy all the time. It has been proven that a lot of action is one of the best cure ever conceived to deal with worry. Simply put, the actions divert the mind and make you forget about your worries.

Step 4

You are a product of your thoughts. Always fill your mind with positive thoughts: courage, good health, hope. Don’t waste your time thinking about your worries, thus strengthening the negative thoughts. Forget about your worries and be grateful for what you have. If possible, try to bring a smile on someone else’s face always be good to others.

Step 5

Whatever someone thinks about you, that’s his opinion, not yours. So, stop worrying about criticism as no one is perfect. Have a record of the mistakes that you made and try to correct them. But don’t dwell on the past. The past is history which you can’t do anything about. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Step 6

Always keep your energy high. This will prevent fatigue and get rid of worry as you will be more relaxed. This will, in turn, give you better clarity of mind. If you need a nap during the day, go ahead.

Step 7

Eradicate the fear of worry. This will liberate your mind.

According to a famous doctor, 70% all patients visiting the physicians could easily cure themselves by getting rid of their fears and worries. This is despite the fact that all the illnesses are as real as a throbbing toothache. In some cases, even more serious. And we are not talking about imaginary illnesses. The patients can easily deal with problems such as nervous indigestion, some stomach ulcers, and even heart disturbances and some types of paralysis.

Fear causes worry. And worry makes you more tense and nervous. It also affects the nerves of your stomach which actually changes the gastric juices of your stomach from normal to abnormal. This often leads to stomach ulcers.

Spiritual explanation of worry

Everyone has at times been worried, more or less, without knowing why. You always blame other things for making you worried and nervous but never accuse yourself. Yet, 99 % of the time, it is all your own fault. When you are restlessness and emotionally excited, this causes to concentrate too much energy in the nerves. Consequently, these nerves begin to wear out.

After some time (after years and years), the adverse effects of that nervousness begin to show. But nerves are very tough – God made them so because they have to last a lifetime. However, it is very important to give them proper care.

But how? It’s very simple. You must stop overloading the nervous system. For example, when you are in deep sleep or a state of calmness in meditation, you are not worried at all. In meditative ecstasy, the nerves become highly rested and rejuvenated.

Healthy Nerves Essential for a Healthy Body

Nerves are like wires connecting all parts of a factory. If the wires become worn or burned out, then the whole factory or certain affected areas of it cannot function. Similarly, the nervous system enlivens all parts of the body, including the perceptive, cognitive, and responsive functions of the five senses. If the nerves are destroyed, then transaction with the world is also destroyed.

Nerves in the brain

There are two systems of nerves:

  • the central nervous system in the brain, medulla, and spinal cord;
  • the central nervous system out of that peripheral system, which connects the nerve centres to the different organs of the body and carries energy to them.

The nervous system sends sensations to the brain, enables the brain to process them, and then reacts upon the brain’s interpretation of those stimuli. During the primitive growth of the embryonic brain, the first formative stage of the nerves is like liquid, which then gradually becomes fibres that eventually grow into nerves – tough super-highways for conducting energy from the brain to all parts of the body. The brain contains twenty-seven thousand billion cells. Thus, the nervous system that connects them all must be kept in proper working order.

So, you should examine yourself and find out what makes you worry.

No matter how busy you are, you should not forget now and then to free your minds completely from worries and all duties. They should simply be dismissed from the mind. You were not made for them, but you made them. You
should not allow them to torture you.

If you feel tormented by staggering mental trials or worries you should try to take a nap. Upon awakening, you will notice that you have been relieved from all your worries. You need to remind yourself at such times that even if you die, the earth would continue to follow its orbit, and business would be carried on as usual.

So why you waste your time worrying?

While taking yourself too seriously, you invite death which comes along to mock you. It reminds you of the ephemerality of material life and its duties.

But when you have accepted the worst, you have nothing to fear and to lose.

And that automatically means you have everything to gain.

After you face the worst, you will notice that you will immediately feel relaxed. You will feel a sense of peace that you hadn’t experienced for a long time. From that particular moment on, you will be able to think.

Any person who is worried all the time has nightmares. This should be a warning sign for him. He should try to change his attitude in case he attracts the objects of his worry or fear, not only through his conscious thoughts but also through the powerful vibrations of his subconscious thoughts.


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