How to be happy all the time, no matter what

Who is in charge of your happiness and how to be


No one is in charge of your happiness, except you. So, how to be happy all the time?

Happiness is not a thing, but a state of mind. You must live happiness in order to experience it.

Nowadays we are trying to seek happiness outside of ourselves. We are craving for power and money. We have created a belief system that by earning more money and acquiring more power, we will be happier.

But this is a myth. It’s an illusion. Money and worldly power cannot bring us happiness as they are not states of mind. When we try to achieve happiness via moneymaking schemes and power, it only drains our inner power.

When we focus on the outward, it results in mental restlessness. This in turns ensures that happiness remains elusive.

By scattering our energies widely in all directions, we have less power to direct those energies toward any specific undertaking. This is called the octopus habit. This habit causes worry and nervousness to rise from deep inside the subconscious mind, flinging its tentacles around our conscious minds. This results in the death of our inner peace.

True happiness can only be found inside the self

We cannot find true happiness outside the self. Those people who seek happiness on the outside, they are as if searching for the stars in the clouds. The stars can only be found in the skies.

Luxury is indeed very expensive. It is an expenditure of nerve and brain energy, thus shortening the lifespan.

We become so engaged in making money that even after acquiring enough of it, we live in fear of losing it. We can’t even relax to enjoy their comforts.

In this so-called modern life, people are living like robots. Their lives are very unsatisfactory. Although they have earned enough money, they are spiritually very poor.

Just look at the expressions on their faces. They have even forgotten how to smile. You can see the emptiness in their eyes.

It is good to possess material riches, but without inner peace, material riches are useless. It can be compared to the situation where someone died of thirst while having a bath in the lake.

Following the law of happiness

You should definitely avoid material poverty as you have the power to do so. You just need to despise spiritual poverty by following the law of happiness.

All human sufferings in the world are the consequences of spiritual poverty and not material scarcity.

The only way to inner happiness is to cultivate a sound inner power (mind, soul). This will provide you with the immunity to outer inconveniences.

You must cultivate virtues such as love, joy, kindness and wisdom. Only then will you be able to feel happiness inside the mind, after which it is transmitted through the nervous system to the physical body. If you truly try to understand and feel the superior joys of the inner life, you will not worry about the ephemeral pleasures of the outer world.

Inner peace v/s outer pleasures

All the physical pleasures first get in contact with the surface of the body, after which they are experienced by the mind through the nervous system. The main reason why most people get attracted to the outer pleasures of the senses is that this is what gets their attention first. They become a prisoner of their senses and become addicted to the outward pleasures. This allows true happiness and joy to shut off from within.

What money cannot buy - quote

Money can buy you a bed but not a good night’s sleep; a clock but not time; a book but not knowledge; a house but not a home; position but not respect; medicine but not health; a companion but not a friend; sex but not love.”

~ Unknown ~

Usually, in the beginning, the senses do not promise much true happiness. In fact, they provide very little temporary happiness. But in the end, they give us only sorrow. On the other hand, virtue and inner happiness do not promise much in the beginning. But as time progresses, they always give lasting and genuine happiness.

There is a big difference between true happiness and impermanent sense thrills. The sense thrills are just pleasures which do not last long. Whereas the inner happiness of the soul, or simply joy, last forever.

Since childhood, most of us have cultivated the habit of indulging in sense pleasures. This is one of the reasons why we are so attached to the deceiving pleasures of the outer world. We, unfortunately, did not cultivate the superior joy of the inner life found in meditation. Otherwise, we would have found lasting peace and joy.

However, if we will try to understand and feel the superior joys of the inner life, we will definitely prefer them to the ephemeral pleasures of the outer world.

Needs and Wants

We must learn how to differentiate between our needs and wants. Our needs are very few whereas our wants are limitless. If we want freedom and bliss, we must try to attend only to our needs. We must stop creating limitless wants and pursuing false happiness. The more we will be addicted to external conditions for happiness, the less bliss we will experience.

Thus, for you to be happy, cultivate a habit of not being a slave to material things and possessions. If you will foster the desire for luxuries, you are certain to meet with misery. You must spend your time searching for lasting happiness and bliss.

The unchangeable, immortal soul is hidden behind the screen of your consciousness, on which are painted dark pictures of disease, failure, death, and so forth. Lift the veil of illusive change and be established in your immortal nature. Enthrone your fickle consciousness on the changelessness and calmness within you, which is the throne of God. Let your soul manifest bliss night and day.”

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda ~

Happiness is a state of mind. It can only be attained by the practice of self-control. Also, you must follow the following mantra: Sublime Thoughts, Simple Life.

A simple way of life is to spend less although earning more. It is not bad to make an effort to earn more, but not for the sole purpose of acquiring material possessions. Try to be the means of helping others in need.

Help others in need

If you will help others to abundance and happiness, you will always be helped in return. You will consequently become more and more prosperous and happy. This is one of nature’s unwritten laws. In simple terms, this is the law of happiness. By helping others, you will live simply and frugally and grow rich, both internally and externally.

We, as human beings, have long lost contact with divine bliss within. Thus, we are trying to satisfy our needs with the pleasures of the senses. But unfortunately, the soul cannot be cheated. The soul is fully aware that the pleasures from material things are counterfeited.

On a deeper level, what the soul seeks is true happiness and bliss.

Quote by Jesus Christ

Let the dead bury their dead.”

~ Jesus Christ ~

As stated by Jesus Christ, most people are already dead but they are not aware of it. They have no ambition and initiative. They have lost spiritual enthusiasm and joy in life.

There is no use of living such a life. This type of life is like living mechanically where the body is alive from the outside, but already dead from the inside.

Life should be a constant source of inspiration. So, find meaning in your life and search for happiness and true bliss.

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