26 Divine Qualities for living a perfect life

Living a perfect life

You can aspire to living a perfect life, and it has nothing to do with material things. And you do not need to leave your place and go to meditate in the Himalayas like the ancient sages did. You just need to cultivate some new habits and acquire some divine characteristics.

In this modern world, apart from doing some meditation on a daily basis, you also need to focus on character building and cultivating the following 26 characteristics.

# 1 Fearlessness

Fear is a feeling (emotion) that robs men of the indomitability of his soul. This leads to disbelief and doubt. It causes physical, mental and spiritual disturbances.

Fear shuts the eyes of faith to the omnipotent, compassionate Divine Presence.

Nowadays, we have fear of illness, disease, old age, poverty, and the list goes on. In the long run, this gives rise to psychological complexes and chronic nervousness.

Fearlessness should be the foundation of anyone’s spiritual life. By fearlessness, we mean faith in God: in his love, protection, justice, wisdom, mercy, omnipresence.

You must demonstrate courage in every situation by infusing your conscious mind with thoughts of courage.
In order to be fit for self-realization, you must be fearless.

# 2 Purity of heart

By purity of heart, it means you must be transparent to the truth. You must free your consciousness from the attachment and repulsion to material things.

The process of liking and disliking material things contaminate the heart with gross vibrations.

Below is a quote from Jesus Christ:

Blessed are the pure heart: for they shall see God.”

~ Jesus Christ ~

# 3 Commitment (Steadfastness)

Commit yourself to seeking wisdom. Dedicate your life to practising yoga. By yoga, we mean not just some physical body movements (hatha yoga), but yoga for the mind body and soul (raja, karma, bhakti, jnana, etc).

Immerse yourself in scriptural wisdom and practise yoga techniques regularly.

This will protect and prevent you from falling into the ditches of ignorance and sense pleasures.

# 4 Charity (Almsgiving)

Charity is a worthy act to integrate into your life. It expands the conscious­ness.

Acting in an unselfish and generous way connects the soul to the Divine. It destroys the delu­sion of personal ownership as the owner of this whole universe is God.

Do not hesitate to help and serve those people who are in need. Always try to find a way to ease and remove the sufferings of such beings.

Be willing to share with others your possessions, knowledge, love and soul insight.

We are all the children of the same father.

However, be very careful not to give money to a poor person who will use it to injure him­self by buying alcohol and drugs instead of bread as this act gives encouragement to sin.

Wisely share your wealth, knowledge, and spiritual treasures with those who are needy and worthy. For example, donate at least 5-10% of your monthly income to some good cause: building a school in an impoverished area, providing food in war-torn countries, buying winter clothes for elderly people.

# 5 Self-reliance

Cultivate the power to control your senses when they get excited by the pleasant sensations of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch.

Any form of self-gratification of the senses reinforces the desire for that particular experience.

Constant repetition of such experiences leads to the formation of resolute bad habits.

If you master your senses, you master your life.

# 6 Religious/mental/spiritual rites 

Within the Hindu faith, the devotees often perform religious rites where they pour clarified butter into a fire. They believe that if they want to get rid of any bad habit, they just need to write it on a piece of paper and throw the paper in the fire. This will allow them to completely be free from the bad habit.

For example, if you want to get rid of procrastination, write the word “procrastination” on a piece of paper and burn the paper. Then, repeat to yourself that you are now free from procrastination. These self-affirmations work wonders.

You can also perform mental rites by burning your wrong desires into the flames of wisdom in the same way as a yogi burns his human restlessness in the fire of soul ecstasy.

# 7 Right study of scriptures 

Bath yourself in religious scriptures and spiritual wisdom daily: after you get up in the morning and before retreating to bed at night. Do not read newspapers, surf the internet or watch TV during these periods.

These theoretical studies will be helpful and will inspire you to practise the holy teachings. They will encourage you to create wise thoughts which will act as reliable and trustworthy guides, and protectors by becoming your constant companions.

“What you know does not matter much, but what you become as a result of that knowledge matters most.”

# 8 Self-discipline

Self-discipline is the ability to control your feelings while overcoming your weaknesses.

If you cultivate the power of pursuing what is right despite temptations to abandon it, then you are someone who is self-disciplined.

But do not confuse self-discipline with self-torture.

There are several yogis who have trained their bodies in such a way that they can withstand cold, heat, and other discomforts without the usual mental agitation. They have even embraced celibacy and eat in moderation.

Self-discipline is necessary to transmute material desires into spiritual aspirations. It allows a person to migrate from transient sense pleasures to the everlasting bliss of the soul.

# 9 Straightforwardness

This is the quality of an honourable man. Make yourself as open and candid as the sun. It de­notes sincerity and honesty.

Be free from deceit. Do not be like the person who hides selfish motives under a guide of altruism.

Avoid making false promises. It is a quality of a person with low self-esteem.

A hypocrite tries to befriend someone with the intention of injuring the person later. Don’t be such a person.

# 10 Noninjury (ahimsa)

Practise the virtue of ahimsa towards all living creatures. You must try not to inflict any type of injury or harm to others, in thought, word and deed. This also applies to yourself.

Thou shalt not kill.”

~ One of the Ten Commandments in the Bible~

But the world’s economy is arranged in such a way that man cannot live without killing.

If you do not want someone to hurt you, then you should also not hurt anyone. Thus, you will neither willfully give nor wish harm to any living creature.

# 11 Truth

Truth is the cornerstone of the universe.

According to the Mahabharata, the longest poem ever written, the worlds are built on truth.

So, don’t be afraid to speak the truth. Also, your words should be sweet, healing, and beneficial to others. Hurtful state­ments, however accurate, are usually better left unsaid.

You must always honour the principle of truth in your thoughts, speech, and ac­tions. By doing so, you will be in tune with the Creator and you will thus be uplifted by his harmonious vibrations.

# 12 Absence of wrath

The obstruction of your desires leads to anger.

If you want to find peace of mind, free yourself from anger, animosity and resentment.

It has been claimed that a desireless man has no anger. This is so because he does not expect anything from others as he only looks to God for all fulfilment.

For you to truly control your anger, you must have a very purified heart.

Moreover, a person who is free from anger is spontaneously admired by all everyone.

# 13 Renunciation

You must learn to engage in actions without desire for their fruits.

Consequently, you will need to give up the lesser for the greater. For example, you will renounce passing sense pleasures for the sake of divine bliss and joy.

Renunciation leads to spiritual blessings that are awe-inspiring and incomparable.

# 14 Peace

Be as peaceful as the rose flower. As the rose spreads its lovely fragrance around, likewise, you can spread your fragrance of tranquility and harmony.

As tranquility is the nature of the Lord, being a soul, you should possess an identical nature of calmness.

# 15 Absence of fault finding and calumny

Free yourself from the habit of finding faults in others. Instead of concentrating on the weaknesses of others, focus all your energy on bettering yourself.

Be like the bee which sips the honey of good qualities from the hearts of his companions.

You will never make yourself taller by gossiping or slandering. On the contrary, such behaviours will only denigrate your character.

Always try to uplift others along with your own rise.

Even God never exposes anyone’s shortcomings. Instead, he gives everyone a conscience and the chance to correct themselves in the privacy of their soul.

# 16 Compassion towards all beings

Always try to put yourself in the place of others, feel their sufferings, and try to alleviate them.

Be like the mother, who is always filled with compassion. She will forgive her children no matter what they have done.

# 17 Noncovetousness (absence of greed)

Be a master of your senses, thus you will not have any desires for gross pleasures and material things. The absence of greed and envy are the characteristics of perfect human beings. These persons’ minds are always absorbed in inner joys.

# 18 Gentleness

Be as gentle as a newborn baby.

God is always gentle towards his children who make mistakes. He never gets offended and remains always quiet when those children revile or ignore him.

Gentleness is characterized by spiritual patience. Gentle and kind people are always in divine attunement.
These persons very quickly attract friends. They never feel any ill will toward anyone.

# 19 Modesty

Cultivate the power to feel shame at any wrongdoing, and in the process, to be willing to correct yourself.

Modesty about one’s body is a special or­nament to women. But nowadays, even men need such a quality.

If someone points out something to you that is not correct, have the courage to recognize your faults. There is nothing wrong with being ashamed. It just means that you are modest enough to accept your faults which you need to eradicate.

# 20 Absence of restlessness

Avoid physical and mental roamings and performing useless activities. Sense gratification and fostering negative thoughts lead to nervousness and restless­ness.

Always try to keep your mind busy with spiritual activities, and not with aimless and useless occupations.

# 21 Radiance of personality

Radiance of character comes from the cosmic fire of God’s supreme consciousness. Practise meditation and you will be charged with the splendour of this cosmic fire.

You will acquire mental and moral boldness. Moreover, you will feel more confident and follow the path of righteousness.

# 22 Forgiveness

Forgiveness liberates the soul.

The following is a passage from the epic poem Mahabharata:

“One should forgive, under any injury. It hath been said that the continuation of the species is due to man’s being forgiving. Forgiveness is holiness; by forgiveness, the universe is held together. Forgiveness is the might of the mighty; forgiveness is sacrifice; forgiveness is quiet of mind. Forgiveness and gentleness are the qualities of the self-possessed. They represent eter­nal virtue.” ”

~ Mahabharata, the longest poem ever written ~

Try not to inflict, or wishing to inflict, any type of punishment on those who harm or wrong you. The law of karma will take care of it.

# 23 Patience (fortitude)

This quality will allow you to bear misfor­tunes and insults with equilibrium. You will not be affected by exterior circumstances. Even inner turmoils will not be able to deflect you from your chosen path and goal, which is self-realization.

This endless patience will give you the power to understand God.

# 24 Cleanness of body and purity of mind

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

After waking up in the morning, cleanse the body and mouth before meditation. This cleansing process is considered as a rite of spiritual respect.

Moreover, the mind also must be cleaned. Remove any type of negative thoughts. Note that a calm mind is the divine altar for the presence of God.

By being clean, both physically and mentally, you will invite the Lord to manifest himself in your life.

# 25 Non-hatred

You should love everyone. God has created everyone in his image, irrespective of race, religion, colour of skin, amount of money he possesses, etc.

One who believes that God is present in all creation cannot detest or disrespect any man. He should not feel any sense of superiority towards others.

# 26 Lack of conceit

Do not harbour any pride. Be very humble. Maybe you have heard that pride goes before a fall.

If you will harbour pride, it will diminish whatever physical, mental, and spiritual gains you may have possessed.

Also, avoid being attached to self-importance. This will enrich your spiritual life.


We have only one life which is not very long. So why not live this life in a perfect way?

Master these 26 characteristics. And when the day will come for you to leave this earth, you will not regret a single moment having been here. You will feel proud that you had been living a perfect life.


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